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Negative Sentences Worksheet – Likes/Dislikes

This Negative Sentences Worksheet is a useful material that focuses on the topic of Hobbies. It’s great for consolidating Negatives (negation, saying No) in English, and is excellent for improving your groups’ Reading and Writing skills. How Negative Sentences Worksheet done: In Part A, by looking at Sky’s facial expression, stude...

Active Passive Worksheet

This Active Passive Worksheet is designed to enhance your student’s listening, reading and speaking skills by teac...

5 Senses Tastes Worksheet

This 5 Senses Tastes Worksheet is a useful material for teaching students about food and tastes. It’s perfect for ...

Countable Uncountable Worksheet – Pictionary

A beginner worksheet for countable and uncountable

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Helpful ESL Activity: 19 Alphabet Riddles For Your Students

Riddles are a good way to get a class started and get students engaged. They are funny and also get students thinking before getting into the meat of the lesson.

12 Cool Things About Saudi Arabia You Might Not Know

I’ve been asked a couple times by Saudis what I think their country (KSA), and for me to be honest about it, for sure it’s a different place with its share of frustrations, but there are a lot of cool things about Saudi Arabia the world should know. At this stage, after almost three months here in Al Khobar (Eastern Province, next to Bahrain) I have a very q...[Read More]

5 Language Apps One Should Travel With

With these language apps, learning a language has never been easier. Learning a language is not as hard as it used to be. You had to pay for a class, go to the class, force yourself to study and then do it again and again. Nowadays there are apps for almost anything you can think of and it has never been easier to learn a language. These are 5 language apps ...[Read More]

4 Steps to an English Only Classroom

Maintain an English only classroom Learning English is tough, teaching it is just as tough perhaps even tougher. But this article is not about how tough it is to learn nor teach the English language. It’s about how you can get your students to learn it faster through immersion. It is hard for students to learn another language once they are over a cert...[Read More]

How to get to Sarajevo city center the easy way

Bosnia and Montenegro are perhaps my favorite countries in Eastern Europe. I haven’t been to Albania and Kosovo yet but in time I will go but as of now, Sarajevo in Bosnia and Kotor in Montenegro are my favorite cities. Mostar comes next after Sarajevo.  It’s convenient to fly into Sarajevo from pretty much anywhere because it makes it easier to get into the...[Read More]

Motivating Students to Learn English: Tips for ESL Teachers

Getting students motivated and wanting to learn is a big task for the Teacher. But it can be done with the right tools in place. There are many ways to get students motivated and I have put together the most effective ones.