15 Affordable TESOL courses you can start right now to get any TEFL job

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Teaching English abroad has a lot of appealing benefits; one of which includes giving you the ability to afford a flexible lifestyle that runs at your own pace without sacrificing so much in terms of income. Having a TEFL certificate sets you apart from the competition; whether you are looking for a job overseas or online. With a certificate, it’s very easy to get hired for any TEFL job.

In this article, we will compare fifteen affordable programs that offer great prices with an excellent reputation.

While there are international schools and organisations that will accept you as an English teacher without an actual TEFL certificate, the fact is you need one in order to improve your job prospects as well as income.

Some organisations, especially those that are globally recognized may not even accept you if you do not have a TEFL certificate. So, here is a list of TEFL courses you can start right now. They are listed in no particular order.


If you are looking for a platform that capitalizes on the need for flexibility and travel adventures in this career path, then this is the right platform for you. But that is not the only reason I am recommending let’sTEFL.com


  • It is very affordable with the professional TEFL programme costing less than $300
  • Trainings are conducted online which gives room for flexibility
  • They have a job placement program that makes it easier for you to find employment


  • If you have done some teaching before, this may not be as challenging as you would hope for it to be


If you want to fast track in your learning, this is the platform I would recommend. They offer a variety of programs that equip you for the job of teaching English online. I like how focused they are on the professional aspect of things.


  • They are very budget friendly
  • 10% Off promotion using link below and code papa10
  • They offer a variety of program options
  • They provide a great learning experience


  • There are no job placement offers at premier TEFL. However, they provide you with tips that you will find useful

3. I-TO-I

These guys got into picture in 1994 but they have paved the way ever since their arrival by being the first to offer the two-day training course. But that is not all that you get to enjoy with them. Their partnership with a recognised travel agency means you can also benefit from it.


  • I-TO-I is a globally recognised brand with a stellar reputation
  • A certificate with them would work well in your job hunt process
  • They have a very strong support team


  • It is hard to find anything wrong with these innovators


The name is a clue to the way they operate. This is a classy TEFL certification joint where the focus is on building you up professionally by providing you with world-class instruction and education and they have found a way to do this at your own pace.


  • TEFL Pros offer a no-nonsense approach to getting your certificate
  • Classes are online to accommodate your schedule and pace
  • You get practical information to help build your career


  • There are not a lot of learning options. As of now you are limited to the 120-hour course.


If you want a TEFL certificate that will open up the doors of the world to you, this is the platform that offers that opportunity. Originally founded in Canada, uniprep has established themselves as a globally recognized brand.


  • You get to choose between TESOL or TEFL certificate
  • For under $200 you can get the 120 hours certificate
  • You have several learning options to make you better equipped for your job


  • Some people have complained that they do not find the course challenging enough


If you’re looking for a global platform that offers professionalism and opportunity at a very reasonable budget, this just might be exactly what you need. International teachers training organisation or ITTO they are known offers the TEFL certificate at incredibly discounted rates.


  • This is a high value, low budget program
  • They have an extensive global network
  • They are worldwide job contacts present excellent travel opportunities


  • You will have to do the work to secure a job as ITTO will not do it for you


Also known as ITTT, this platform provides multiple teacher training programs that will earn you either the TEFL or TESOL certificate. You can attend the classes online. But if you prefer the more traditional classroom, that option is also available to you.


  • It is affordable and offers multiple packages to suit different budgets
  • Many users have described the experience as wonderful with a very strong supportive system
  • If you are really committed to growing your career in this industry, ITTT has a package that is developed for your advancement


  • While they have an overall amazing platform, some people have complained about delays in getting their certificate.

Graduate with TEFL job


If you have your heart fixed on teaching in specific countries like Thailand, Vietnam or China, then you might want to consider this platform. They have tailored their program to help fast-track and is your transition as an English teacher in these countries.


  • This is one of the most affordable programs out there that are also reliable
  • You get practical information on how to manage classrooms which is important
  • They train you to teach different kinds of students from children to business professionals


  • While the program is set up to prepare you for teaching in classrooms, there is not enough support available for the actual job search and placement


This canadian-based platform was set up back in 1988 and they have remained committed to providing excellent English teacher training programs. ONTESOL has built a credible global platform to ensure that people from around the world can benefit from their services.


  • If you want to program that will offer a lot without emptying your wallet, this is it
  • They have a very articulate and extensive course outline
  • There are also job placement opportunities with ONTESOL


  • The program is better designed to help you teach non-English speakers in an English speaking country. Depending on the company that you plan to work for, you might need to get additional certification if you are planning to teach English in a non-english speaking country


Like Coventry House International this platform is focused on helping you attain your TESOL certificate online. It has a reputation of excellence and has managed to keep that reputation stellar throughout its existence.


  • The training program is developed by a former president of TESOL which is a big deal
  • The educational backdrop of the university provides a sound environment for advanced learning
  • People who have used Anaheim University platform describe it as a more natural and realistic approach to studying how to teach the language


  • It takes an average of three months to complete the course


Obtaining your TEFL certificate from one of the pioneers of teacher training online is going to be a major boost for your career, especially, if you are hoping to work with high-profile organisations anywhere in the world. The University of Toronto faculty of education presents you with amazing learning opportunities.


  • There are specialty programs to enable you prepare for teaching in specific countries
  • The certificate is globally recognized and very valuable
  • The program is set for 12 to 15 weeks but you can work and study at your own pace


  • It can be a little pricey depending the package you choose


Greenheart is perfect for those who want to travel and experience the world while they teach. You can choose a specific location to begin your adventure. Through this platform, you’ll be able to earn your certification, some cultural orientation and then possibly job placement in that community


  • You get the total package if you sign up for your TEFL course on this platform
  • You have many options to choose from


  • It can be pretty intense so I’m sure that you are absolutely ready for this before you commit


Bridge Education Group is one of the big names in this particular industry and they come with over 30 years experience. This experience is reflected in the cause and how it is delivered to participants.


  • There is no doubt when you sign up with the bridge Education Group that you are getting excellence
  • Their course outline is above standard and designed to reflect today’s modern society


  • They are more focused on ensuring that you get the best of education as a result, there is little to no support when it comes to job search


The International TEFL Academy or ITA as they are sometimes called is a perfect learning ground for students who are very committed to following through with their course program and professional pathway to becoming an online English teacher.


  • They have a very extensive course outline which is excellent for professional students
  • The course is pricier than some of the other platforms and mentioned here but it is absolutely worth it
  • They have a transparent system that enables you keep track of the assessments


  • There isn’t enough professional support provided in the area of job search


I am sure that there are teachers who are looking at expanding their professional horizon beyond the teaching of English language and are looking for platforms that can enable them to attain this dream. Well, TESOL international Associationis exactly that; a platform that offers multiple training options beyond ESL.


  • You can be sure that you are getting the absolute best in teachers training
  • The level of education that you get is akin to that of a university training
  • The classes are interactive, practical and very engaging


  • This is the most expensive program I have listed here with the cost of courses going as high as $2,170 but it is worth it.

Final thoughts

These fitted TEFL programs are some of the best in the business. They offer great pricing along with the reputation to get any TEFL job out there that requires a certificate. Still have trouble choosing which program is best for you? Then see this guide to choosing a TESOL course I put together to help you along.

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