Microsoft Teams is great for teaching students and carrying out classes. But one must know how to use the MS teams platform well. These 6 very useful commands in Microsoft teams help you get to know the platform a lot better.

In this video, I show you how to make things easier for you by using these six commands. The 6 commands that can save a teacher a lot of time and effort. To use these commands you simply type on the search forward slash (/) and one of the commands below They are:

Microsoft teams commands from teachers

1.Available Allows you to change your status on the platform.

There is also the
2. Files – allows you to find the files you want to access on the platform such as word, powerpoint, excel or any other content you have available on sharepoint.

3. Goto A quick way to switch from one team to another.
4. Mention How to find out who has mentioned your name to bring your attention to something.
5. Saved You can access all the content you have saved on teams
6. Unread Command for accessing content you have missed when you have been away from teams.

and many more commands that make things less hectic in using the platform. The video below goes over how to use these commands.


As an educator, time is not always on your side so the ability to do things faster and easier is very important. These commands six useful MS teams commands are what you need to get things done efficiently and with ease. I hope they are as useful for you achieving more as they are for me.