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I have been an ESL Teacher for more than 15 years and a Teacher trainer for the last three. Now I help new teachers start their journey traveling and teaching English abroad.

Many of you who have been following me know about this compound words vocabulary builder and class starter activity that I do with my students. It’s been something that has worked for me since I first came to Korea in 2009. You can find many of them on the waygook site that me and others have uploaded there but I still like to make fresh ones to meet the needs of my particular students. I use these for my elementary level students and it works great.

But once in awhile someone sends me some of their own that they have made and I like to share those as well. The idea seems to have caught on very fast and many teachers use it now. Why not? It works in getting students to learn new words and rehearse and relearn forgotten ones. Not only that, it is a load of fun. There is no class I have ever had that did not appreciate the fun packed in these series I and others have simply termed, What’s the word?

If you are not familiar with how it works, let me give you a quick run down. Essentially what happens is you show students two pictures that may or may not have any relation to one another. But they do when they are put together in a common phrase or word. The simplest of examples would be:


You can teach complete sentences. The is especially effective for young learners. They love images and how those images can be translated into words.

That’s how it works.
I cannot take any credit for the collection of eight I am about to post here because they were made by someone else. I have looked at a few of them and they seem to follow the pattern. However there are some that give too much information because they reveal half the word.

I am guessing this is because the Teacher who submitted them taught elementary school students so their imagination might not be as active as that of students in upper grades. Nonetheless give them a go and if the students respond less than anticipated, modify them as you see fit and continue.

So without further ado here they are.
What’s the word package of 8 complete-whats-that-word1What’s the word
This is a .rar file so you will have to decompress it with either winzip or winrar. Both of the programs are free to download but most computers already have one of their own or one of these.


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