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The Initial Struggle: Life in South Korea

“Order a new laptop charger before you leave.” My mom’s words echoed in my ears as I laid on the couch in my new apartment...

Teaching in South Korea: What makes a good co-teacher?

Do you have a good co-teacher? When you're teaching in South Korea, your co-teacher is your lifeline. If you have a good co-teacher and you...
first time in korea

First Time In Korea

South Korea is one of the most unexplored countries in the world. Although it boasts the 8th wonder of the world, Jeju Island, not many have considered visiting it let alone, take up a job there. But the English teaching market in bustling and growing every year. The number of people from Canada, US, Australia, the U.K and many other countries going to Korea has been growing and continues to do so. I spend three years there immersed in the daily life as an English Teacher for both private school and public school. This book covers that experience, from leaving home in Atlanta, to departing Korea in a tearful yet joyful ceremony held for me by my students and colleagues. Chapter by chapter, every detail about Korea is covered. Topics range from How to get a job teaching English Dealing with your boss and Korean colleagues Showing respect via language and Korean Manners The best dishes and snacks Where to party in Seoul Must see sites and how to get there How to fully immerse yourself and get the most out of the experience And so much more. Continue reading below to find out more bout what is covered in this one of a kind book.
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6 Reasons Why an English Teacher in Korea Fails

There is a success in being an English teacher in Korea, it's just that not all teachers did it. Note to the reader I am...
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Public Schools in Korea: 7 Reasons Why They’re Better than Private Academies

Why public schools in Korea are better than private academies Teaching in private schools (hagwons) is totally different from teaching at Public schools in Korea....