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The Initial Struggle: Life in South Korea

“Order a new laptop charger before you leave.” My mom’s words echoed in my ears as I laid on the couch in my new apartment...

Teaching in South Korea: What makes a good co-teacher?

Do you have a good co-teacher? When you're teaching in South Korea, your co-teacher is your lifeline. If you have a good co-teacher and you...
Korean English improving

6 Reasons Why an English Teacher in Korea Fails

There is a success in being an English teacher in Korea, it's just that not all teachers did it. Note to the reader I am...
esl students

Public Schools in Korea: 7 Reasons Why They’re Better than Private Academies

Why public schools in Korea are better than private academies Teaching in private schools (hagwons) is totally different from teaching at Public schools in Korea....

5 Things You Must Do As a New Teacher in Korea

Are you a new teacher in Korea? When you are a new teacher in Korea in a school as anywhere else, the students will test...