About ESL Land

Travel the world teaching English

One Teacher at a time

Spreading knowledge across the world

ESL Land started up in 2011. For teachers by teachers on an epic journey across the world teaching English. Since our start, we’ve been on the greatest journey ever since.

Teachers ourselves, helping educators see the world, expand minds and be all they can be. Nothing can be more fruitful, life changing and rewarding as stepping into a classroom knowing that you could inspire the next Steve Jobs. 

From our beginnings as ESL TEFL and Teacher recruitment startup, to spreading our books on classroom management, travel teaching, our first professional development course for teachers, we’ve stayed true to our mission: to create a world where knowledge is accessible to everyone and every student experiences the power of a great teacher and realizes their full potential because of it.

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I am happy

I made a life changing decision and I couldn’t be happier.

I couldn’t be happier with my job right now. It was suppose to be a one year spent in South Korea to get more experience before going back to the states, 3 years later, I am still teaching in Korea and loving every minute of it. The step by step guidance I got from other Teachers at ESL Land and their staff is second to none from landing the job to landing in Korea. I was scared, nervous and inexperienced in travel, they made it into an experience I wish I had had the courage to dive into much earlier. Thank you

Shannan Hall

teachers brainstorming

Why us?

Because we care. We want you to succeed as a Teacher as much as you do.

We help you land a job and hold your hand every step of the way. We provide support, guidance, resources for both the Teacher and the employer to make sure the relationship is both beneficial and mutually satisfying for both. Teachers and employers that choose ESL Land are in good hands. We make sure of it, guaranteed.

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How we got here

Experience is the father of learning – our timeline

  • 2008- few friends go to South Korea, China, then Japan
  • 2011 -They move to Teach in France. They start thinking about how to help others do the same. ESL Land is born, recruiting begins and a few partnerships are formed.
  • 2013 – Again, teaching in Germany while building the site
  • 2014 – They are teaching in Saudi Arabi – Office opens in Dubai
  • 2016 They are at it again in UAE, have helped many find jobs
  • 2017 they get more serious about helping others travel the world teaching English
  • 2018 – the business is formed and ESL Land really takes off. Office opens in NYC.

Teacher Adventures

It’s not just about teaching. It’s about changing lives and living yours to the fullest. Here are some Teacher adventure photos.

at the wall of china

Mischa at the wall of China

jack Geoje Island

Jackie paddle boards in Geoje Island


Tate meets Robert Kiyosaki in Dubai

esl teacher in korea

Eric spends more than 5 years in Korea and is still having a blast