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Actions in present continuous worksheet

present continuous

present continuous

Actions in present continuous worksheet (download link below) for intermediate students. The worksheet has color and works well with B1 to C1 level students. It requires knowledge of gerunds and how to use them properly in a sentence. The worksheets has sentence scramble to make sure students are able to put sentences in the correct order along with a picture that demonstrates the action they are suppose to write about.

Then in the second section students are suppose to define the words in their own language. And the last section is a nice and simple word search of the words.

The way I taught it

I had students come up with some action verbs and I wrote them on the board

Then I took a few of the verbs and wrote a sentence using an action that a student was doing in class, for example I took the action verb write and I wrotehe is writing.

Thus showing the students what needed to be done and the change making write a gerund. Then I explained to them that since the action is on-going, that’s why it is present continuous.

Then I had one of the really bright students demonstrate his one. Then I handed out the worksheet after doing question one with them.

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Download the actions in present continuous worksheets

Present continuous word format: Editable if you want to add to it.

Present continuous PDF format