What Are The Best Places to Teach English?

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Teaching English in Japan is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have if given a job. You will gain more than a job.
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So you need a job, and you want to find one in relatively short time. Congratulations, without even realizing it you have one qualification that many Americans, Brits, and Aussies have that not only can get them good jobs, but with nice perks such as free housing, and opportunities for travel and so much more. Teaching English overseas is the new thing the cool kids are doing. And if you are not with the cool kids then you are lame.

That’s right. If you can read and speak these words, you can take advantage of many opportunities available around the world to help fill a severe shortage of English speakers to teach in a world full of people who are anxious to learn the language.

What follows is just a small sample of countries with large demands for English teachers, perks for the jobs and what qualifications you need to take advantage of them.

    1. China
    2. China

China’s aggressive entrance onto the world stage has necessitated a huge demand for English teachers who can work with would-be students in such fields as education, business and foreign affairs. Students are eager to learn the language and enjoy a great deal of support from the sponsors. A bachelor’s degree is often all you need to qualify for a job.

    1. South Korea
    2. South Korea

Another country with a large demand for English teachers is So. Korea. A large and growing number of language schools have created a competitive atmosphere that offers good salaries and other perks such as free housing and many travel opportunities. A bachelor’s degree is required and contracts are usually for one year.

    1. Saudi Arabia
    2. Al Khobar Saudi Arabia
      Far view

One of the highest paying locations for English teachers is Saudi Arabia. The cultural differences require some adjustments, but opportunities abound.

    1. Thailand
    2. Thailand
      Teach in Thailand

Another location with plenty of opportunities for English teachers in the Far East is Thailand. There are many private language schools in the country but the largest, The American University Alumni (AUA) Languages Center, is the oldest as well as the largest of its type in the country. The AUA is always looking for TESOL teachers.

    1. Japan
    2. Teach Japan
      Teach Japan

As you have probably gathered from reading this far, Asian countries are practically begging for English teachers. Among the biggest players in this market is Japan. English teachers can easily get a job over the Internet. Most schools also recruit year-round, and offer visa support, housing, and partially-paid national insurance.

    1. Russia
    2. teach russia

Contrary to its traditional stoic, vodka-saturated reputation, Russia has a high demand for English speaking teachers. In fact, English teachers in Russia are scarce. The demand far exceeds the supply. For this reason, language schools in Russia offer good salaries and benefits, such as free housing and airfare reimbursement.

    1. Czech Republic
    2. Teach in Czech Republic
      Teach in Czech Republic

If you want to find an idyllic place to work that is steeped in rich history and culture the Czech Republic–most notably Prague–is a dream come true. The best place to find available jobs is in the main English newspaper, the weekly Prague Post. Most language schools in the Czech Republic offer good salaries and benefits, but you have to haggle to get the best deal.

    1. Mexico
    2. teach mexico
      Teach mexico

If you want a good job teaching English but you don’t want to go so far from home, you might want to make a run for the border. Mexico, that is. If you want a teaching job in Mexico you might have to wait until you get there, however. Once you get there you will have to have a bachelor’s degree to get a good job.

    1. Turkey
    2. Turkey Travel
      Travel To Turkey Cheaply

If you are looking to experience a unique blend of not only different cultures but a blend of the ancient and the modern, Turkey might be good for you. Salaries in Turkey aren’t known for being the best, or even spectacular benefits, but if you do land a job, it will be an adventure every day.

Roshanda Wells writes about travel, education & saving money at www.travelinsurance.org

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