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Tate Nanje and Robert Kiyosaki
Me and Robert Kiyosaki in Dubai at the Young Achievers conference - a great guy and a wonderful mentor.

Tate Nanje (ESL Tate) Author of First time in Korea

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First time in Korea

This new eBook is all about helping ESL teachers and potential travelers to South Korea to get started on the right foot.

First time teachers starting out quickly discover that there’s a lot more to this medium than just looking for a teaching job online and quickly packing up and going. The process is a lot easier if you have someone guiding you who has done it.

First applying for a job is just the beginning and you’re then faced with the tasks of putting together a good resume, how to present yourself to the employer, understanding the culture, how Koreans view you and what is accepted and not accepted in their culture.

You learn about all this and more on my experience, hilarious moments due to language barriers, getting fed from old ladies, and how to plan every step of leaving your home country until you arrive in South Korea.

This eBook is jam packed with practical tips and guides to help you understand what life is like in South Korea and how to thrive as an English Teacher. This book will set you off to make sure your trip will start and end in the right way.

Broken down into 7 chapters there are actually a total of 32 tips and advice that will not only get your enjoying every step of the process but that will help you be ready with the know-how you need to achieve your potential as a teacher in South Korea..

How to make $Millions$ teaching English online

I am working hard on my second book on making a lot of money online teaching English, how to start your own, hiring people and maximizing your earnings by working part time for other companies.