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10 Things you can do to improve your IELT’s score a full band

The International English Language Testing System (IELT) is the most widely accepted English test. It was created to assess the English language expertise level...

10 of our favorites masks for kids during Covied 19

For teachers it is difficult to keep up how kids should protect themselves from Covied 19. These masks for kids are one of the ways to get that done.

How to improve your English pronunciation and accent for Non-native speakers

Pronunciation is a big part of learning a language. It takes time and perseverance for a none native speaker to perfect their accent. How?

10 Fantastic Books on Amazon Every Teacher Should Read

Every teaching should be reading these books on Amazon right now. From stress management to classroom behavior, get to reading.

Easy Steps To Teaching Safely During COVID-19

Things will be different now with back to school. Students, parents, school staff a scared of covied 19 but take the steps to teaching safely
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