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13 Questions (8) – WH and yes-no – Creative cloze DIY (Pair work)

These templates are good for honing your student’s listening and writing skills. These will encourage them to be as creative as possible by making their own [...]

8 what’s that word for elementary level students warm up

Many of you who have been following me know about this compound words vocabulary builder and class starter activity that I do with my students. It’s [...]

Helpful ESL Activity: 19 Alphabet Riddles For Your Students

Alphabet riddles are one of the most engaging ESL activity for your students. These are funny but helpful alphabet riddles for your students, (sort of, for [...]

32 Fun Idioms and Sayings you can Teach your Students

Teach your students these fun idioms and expressions and keep your class going.  You want to expand their minds, stimulate their brain, massage their noggin – [...]

Picture Code Game – A Fantastic Warm-up Activity for English Class

A good warm-up activity for English class can be the difference between a good class and a bad class. Everyone knows that first impressions are hard [...]

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