Animal Riddles Worksheet

Beginner level animal riddles worksheet

8 what’s that word for elementary level students warm up

How helpful is this:Many of you who have been following me know about this compound words vocabulary builder and class starter activity that I do with my students. It’s been something that has worked for me since I first came to Korea in 2009. You can find many of them on the waygook site that me and others have uploaded there but I still like to make fresh ones to meet the needs of my particular students. I use these for my elementary level students and it works great. But once in awhile someone sends me some of their own that they have made and I like to share those as well. The idea seems to have caught on very fast and many teachers use it now. Why not? It works in getting students to learn new words and rehearse and relearn forgotten ones. Not only that, it is a load of fun. The...

Helpful ESL Activity: 19 Alphabet Riddles For Your Students

Riddles are a good way to get a class started and get students engaged. They are funny and also get students thinking before getting into the meat of the lesson.

32 Fun Idioms and Sayings you can Teach your Students

How helpful is this:Teach your students these fun idioms and expressions and keep your class going.  You want to expand their minds, stimulate their brain, massage their noggin – (1620s, “small cup, mug,” later “small drink” (1690s), of unknown origin, possibly related to Norfolk dialectal nog “strong ale” (now chiefly in eggnog). Informal meaning “head” first attested 1866 in Amer.Eng.). I couldn’t help but add the historical bit in there. 🙂 I get carried away sometimes, forgive my digression. Anyways, fun idioms and sayings are a good way to get the students thinking outside the box, and in my classes, well, the higher level ones, I either use as warm up to get the class going, a riddle or a fun idiom. They all do wonders I find...