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How to Throw a Teacher Tantrum

Temper tantrum not only happens in toddlers but in teachers too. It's called teacher tantrum. The school guidelines are plain and simple with little to...

Dealing with Disruptive Students: It’s not because you are (necessarily) a bad Teacher

Disruptive students don't mean you're a bad teacher It is tough teaching but it's even tougher teaching in another country. This reason alone is why...

Class Management Tips: The 5-minute Behavior Rule

Class Management Tips 101: Here is a fun and interesting way to keep your class in order. Since one thing you have to keep...

7 Reward Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for teachers who prefer to reward than to punish It is a good feeling when you have designed a lesson and when presenting it...

Class Management System: The Best Way To Control Your Class

This is a class management system that will change the way your kids behave. We have tested this at all age levels and we...
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