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I Ended Up Teaching in China

Met Mitch in Kotor, Montenegro and I spoke to him about what I do. I travel the world teaching English and he said, "no way, how can I do that?". Well, now he is in China doing the same. This is how it happened.

Terms Every English Language Teacher Must Know

It is expected that any Teacher who has taken a TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA or any other recognized certification know these terms.

How to get an English Teaching job in the Middle East

Getting an English teaching job in the middle east has proven tough in the past but not anymore. When we say the Middle East, the first words that will pop in our mind are Arab, Islam, deserts, camels etc. Situated around the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the western part of Asia, the countries here are mostly balm and hot in temperature.  How to get an English teaching job in the Middle East If you’re thinking about getting an English teaching job in the Middle East, there’s only one way to go here but up. With the government’s effort to include English in their national curriculum, there’s no doubt your English teaching career will rapidly boom together with the economy of these Middle Eastern countries.   Whether it’s a small priv...

What to expect when taking a teaching job in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a unique country. This is what to expect if you want to take a teaching job in Saudi Arabia. It is an adventure. Sometimes I tend to agree with my friends when they say that I may be crazy. But the mundane is boring. Who wants to go only to the places that others have been and relive their experiences? Certainly not me. I haven’t kept a permanent home since 2008 and to be honest I never really planned on doing so until a certain person entered my life in 2010. Atnd when she walked out of it due to irreconcilable differences I could not put up with anymore, life took on a new meaning. At first it was a scary meaning; confusion, distrust of heart related matters. But I had good friends around me. And with good friends you can get through anything. And that’s when ...