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Negative Sentences Worksheet – Likes/Dislikes

This Negative Sentences Worksheet is a useful material that focuses on the topic of Hobbies. It's great for consolidating Negatives (negation, saying No) in English, and is excellent for improving your...
active to passive

Active Passive Worksheet

This Active Passive Worksheet is designed to enhance your student's listening, reading and speaking skills by teaching and practicing the Passive voice and Active voice in English. How Active Passive Worksheet is...
five senses

5 Senses Tastes Worksheet

This 5 Senses Tastes Worksheet is a useful material for teaching students about food and tastes. It's perfect for developing your students' Speaking and Reading skills. The 5 Senses are taste, sight, touch, smell, and...
future tenses worksheet

Future Tenses Worksheet – Will vs Be Going To

Future tense worksheet
sunny side eggs

Types of cooked eggs power point for intermediate

Students learn the types of cooked eggs and ways to make them in this worksheet. It labels the eggs and shows a nice picture of the finished product.