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Living in Korea: What if you lose your Alien Registration Card?

This article was updated 6-19-2018 So you're living in Korea as an expat, and you lose your Alien Registration Card, what are you going to...

ESL Warm-up Activity: Play Tic-Tac-Toe the ESL Way

Tic-tac-toe as an ESL warm-up activity I tried this ESL warm-up activity today for my lower level students and it turned out very good, so...

Picture Code Game – A Fantastic Warm-up Activity for English Class

A good warm-up activity for English class can be the difference between a good class and a bad class. Everyone knows that first impressions are...

7 Reward Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for teachers who prefer to reward than to punish It is a good feeling when you have designed a lesson and when presenting it...

Class Management System: The Best Way To Control Your Class

This is a class management system that will change the way your kids behave. We have tested this at all age levels and we...
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