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7 reading comprehension strategies you must teach your students

For students to succeed in learning English they must know how to use these essential reading strategies for learning and reading faster.

What do you want to know to teach English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have if given a job. You will gain more than a job.

15 Affordable TESOL courses you can start right now to get any TEFL job

We compare TEFL programs that offer great prices with an excellent reputation. With a certificate from any of them you will get any TEFL job.

Shapes: Listening and Speaking

This shapes listening and speaking worksheet is very useful for beginners to practice the given topic. You can ask your students to write the...

Giving directions to strangers and friends worksheet

A giving directions worksheet, lesson plan, sentences and a map for student to easily direct friends and strangers to a given destination.
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