passive voice chart grammar

Passive Voice Chart Worksheet

This Passive Voice Chart Worksheet is a useful material for teaching Passive voice or active voice in English. It's also a valuable material for enhancing your students' Spelling and Reading skills. How...
verb to be worksheet

Verb To Be Worksheet

This Verb To Be worksheet is a valuable for teaching BE (auxiliary verb) in English, and is excellent for developing your students' Writing skills. Auxiliary verbs are known as helping verbs. They are...
active vs passive grammar guides worksheet

Active Vs Passive Grammar Guides Worksheet

active versus passive voice
personal pronouns worksheet

Personal Pronouns Worksheet

An excellent personal pronouns worksheet

Negative Sentences Worksheet – Likes/Dislikes

This Negative Sentences Worksheet is a useful material that focuses on the topic of Hobbies. It's great for consolidating Negatives (negation, saying No) in English, and is excellent for improving your...