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Student Participation Tips: How many high fives have you given today?

Increase student participation by giving them high fives! Everyone knows that the little things go a long way. Not just for adults but especially for...

Classroom Activity: 3 Reasons to Use Newspapers in Your Class

Using newspaper as a classroom activity There is news everyday. This is a huge advantage for your classroom. Keep up with current events so that...

4 Tips to Help Your Students Learn English Faster

Help your students learn English faster with these 4 tips. We learn more when we are children because we are constantly new to things and...

Teaching in South Korea: What makes a good co-teacher?

Do you have a good co-teacher? When you're teaching in South Korea, your co-teacher is your lifeline. If you have a good co-teacher and you...

What Are The Best Places to Teach English?

So you need a job, and you want to find one in relatively short time. Congratulations, without even realizing it you have one qualification that...
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