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10 Youtube channels for teaching English online

There are many channels for learning English. And also for teaching English and bbc English channel is on of them.

21 Websites to find high paying TEFL jobs you didn’t know about

Today ESL Lessons are on-demand more than ever. This being the case, there are a variety of websites hiring online English teachers. However, teachers...

A quick guide: Dave’s ESL Cafe & Teachaway

Looking at the two websites, you may find that although different, both Dave's esl cafe and teachaway are very useful for teachers

7 reading comprehension strategies you must teach your students

For students to succeed in learning English they must know how to use these essential reading strategies for learning and reading faster.

What are the best webcams for teaching English online?

In this article we take a look at the best webcams for teaching English online. You want your students to see things as if they were there.
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