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Need To Know Nightclubs In Korea

Not that it’s hard to meet people in Korea; particularly the opposite sex. But sometimes you just want to getaway from the routine of teaching and [...]

What are the Most Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Travel scams are becoming rampant. Online or at the destination itself; it’s easy for an unsuspecting tourists to become victims of some of the most common [...]

12 Cool Things About Saudi Arabia You Might Not Know

I’ve been asked a couple times by Saudis what I think their country (KSA), and for me to be honest about it, for sure it’s a [...]

22 Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

Fascinating facts about Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is a closed society for the most part. It’s hard to get in and sometimes hard to get out; [...]

Excuses That Shouldn’t Stop You From Traveling

Every individual has dreamed of visiting some place at one point or another. They have seen pictures and say to themselves, I want to go there. [...]

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