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Present Simple Test Worksheet

This Present Simple Test Worksheet goes with six exercises with the aim of consolidating Present Simple Tense in English, and is excellent for improving your students’ Speaking [...]

Nature elements – Water matching

WORKSHEET: Nature Elements – Water Matching A great material for honing your students’ Writing skills. Its topic is about the vocabulary of Environment specifically bodies of [...]

Need To Know Nightclubs In Korea

Not that it’s hard to meet people in Korea; particularly the opposite sex. But sometimes you just want to getaway from the routine of teaching and [...]

What are the Most Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Travel scams are becoming rampant. Online or at the destination itself; it’s easy for an unsuspecting tourists to become victims of some of the most common [...]

12 Cool Things About Saudi Arabia You Might Not Know

I’ve been asked a couple times by Saudis what I think their country (KSA), and for me to be honest about it, for sure it’s a [...]

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