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Need To Know Nightclubs In Korea

Not that it’s hard to meet people in Korea; particularly the opposite sex. But sometimes you just want to getaway from the routine of teaching and home and home and teaching. It gets tedious and a night out just does it sometimes. Here are some need to know nightclubs in Korea. Nightlife in Seoul is pretty good but in other cities it can be a bit of a problem. In Yeosu for example where I spent 2 years, there was no real nightclub; at least not in the Western sense. In Busan there are a few but three hours on a bus for a night out got rough. Gwangju was the next and closest option. Here are some nightclubs you will be sure to have a good time at in Korea. 1. Foxy’s in Busan, Seomyeon neighborhood 2. Ghetto 3. Club Elune Seoul, Haeundae 4. Kino Eye 5. Gorillas 6. Club Spook 7. C...