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How to get to Sarajevo city center the easy way

How helpful is this:Bosnia and Montenegro are perhaps my favorite countries in Eastern Europe. I haven’t been to Albania and Kosovo yet but in time I will go but as of now, Sarajevo in Bosnia and Kotor in Montenegro are my favorite cities. Mostar comes next after Sarajevo.  It’s convenient to fly into Sarajevo from pretty much anywhere because it makes it easier to get into the other countries. For example, a bus from Sarajevo to Podgorica in Montenegro is about $25 and it’s a 6 hour trip. It’s as convenient as getting from the airport in Sarajevo to the city center.  When you leave the passport control, walk out and first things first, go to the currency exchange and get the Sarajevo dinar. The bus doesn’t accept euros. Then see if you can download the city map of Sarajevo using WiFi...