Online TEFL certification

Teach English online or abroad with an TEFL certificate from the world’s leading programs and universities.

Western International English College

The Western International English College certification becomes the ticket to a world of opportunities.Wherever the adventure takes our graduates, they will have the knowledge and training to earn a living while changing the lives of their students.W.I.E.C TESOL and TEFL courses are recognized globally and fully accredited, opening the door to the best schools and institutions across all continents.

The TEFL Academy Online Program

We like the TEFL Academy online program because it offers the most accessible, flexible and cost-effective way to get TEFL-qualified, with more ongoing opportunities for successful graduates than any other TEFL course provider. This online-only version of the course is the most flexible way to get TEFL qualified. Study in your own time with help and support from our dedicated tutor team. It is accredited by the U.S (DEAC).

Why choose a TEFL course from ESLland?

Because reputation is everything

I am glad you asked! We only choose to work with companies, universities and colleges that offer the best training for teachers. Their standards and tutors must be the best hands down. And to add that extra layer, I (ESL Tate) personally consult with program Directors and see if it meeds the standards that ESL positions are looking for in a candidate.

After more than 12 years in the ESL industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about what international employers want for a candidate to stand out. It’s why we only partner with accredited North American educational institutions to train and qualify both college graduates and certified teachers to teach English all around the world.

And you know what else is great about these online courses?

Conveniently fit your schedule

The course is convenient and fits around your schedule. self-paced TEFL courses mean you get to decide whether to get ‘er done and dusted in a hurry or take your time.

They won't hurt your wallet

Don't waste your money paying high fees for a TEFL course. The reason most online courses cost thousands less, it's because they are online. With the ones we recommend, you save hundreds.

Make your resume standout

Add a TEFL certification and make your resume shine. You could be hired by language schools anywhere across the globe... or online teaching companies from your couch. The world is yours.

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