A starter activity perfect for your class: Animal Association Warm-up

Fun games and activities are a good way to energise your students and keep your class in a friendly environment. With this, there’s no better way to do this than before the lesson starts.

This warm-up idea I will share is a hilarious class starter activity that my kids enjoy very much. The kids were laughing the entire time because they came up with accurate yet very funny animals for each other.

class starter activity

The purpose of the exercise is to help the students in associate unlikely things with one another. They are to use adjectives that create a relationship between the two things: classmate and associated animal.

Here’s how this starter activity works…

The name of this activity is the ‘animal association warm up’

  1. You create a worksheet( I have done for you to download below) and write all of your students’ names on it.
  2. Then on the right side of the worksheet, the students write what animal they think the other students resembles or similar to in demeanor
  3. When they are finished with giving each other animal association, then have them come up with an adjective that describes both the animal and the student and tell the rest of the class
  4. The other student does the same and so on and son


To make it a bit more interesting, add yourself to the list.

Here is the worksheet to write their names on. You can type it and print out or just write their names with ink and make copies.



My students simply loved this warm up as a class starter activity and they spoke more than usual because they had all sorts of animal names to call it each other. It was all good fun. So, I hope your students enjoy it too.

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