Coping in remote and distance learning


In this episode I discuss the transition from the classroom to remotely working with students.

welcome to the podcast everyone
0.0 - 2.5
This is ESL Tate. And this morning I just wanted to talk about how
2.5 - 10.24
deal with distance learning
10.24 - 13.86
because as teachers we get used to our students in some sometimes and you
13.86 - 23.67
go through all these various emotions with different classes and then when you're away from the class you miss them. You know and I think
23.67 - 34.41
a lot of teachers out there can
34.41 - 38.56
agreed to that what because even though at times students can be is pain to deal with,
38.56 - 44.36
for lack of the better word, you do miss at times especially now that you're not be able to see them face to face. And for me, the
44.36 - 57.4
[UH] transition is quite daunting but at the same time
57.4 - 63.76
I embraced it may be easier than some of my colleagues because
63.76 - 67.85
me I enjoy tech, and I love tinkering with technology. I used to work in IT so for me it was like whoa
67.85 - 75.72
this is like a dream. I didn't have to be in the classroom but some of my colleagues have struggled with it because they're not used
75.72 - 84.09
to using tech
84.09 - 89.5
to go about a lesson so it's a bit more challenging for them. So how exactly
89.5 - 98.78
do you go about adjusting in this environment?
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