How to get an English Teaching job in the Middle East

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Getting an English teaching job in the middle east has proven tough in the past but not anymore.

When we say the Middle East, the first words that will pop in our mind are Arab, Islam, deserts, camels etc. Situated around the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the western part of Asia, the countries here are mostly balm and hot in temperature. 

How to get an English teaching job in the Middle East

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If you’re thinking about getting an English teaching job in the Middle East, there’s only one way to go here but up. With the government’s effort to include English in their national curriculum, there’s no doubt your English teaching career will rapidly boom together with the economy of these Middle Eastern countries.  

Whether it’s a small private school or a big university somewhere in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, your potential to earn as an English teacher in the Middle East is very much achievable and measurable. Not only that you get to have a high paying job,  you also get to work in countries that are rich in tradition and history.

Countries in the Middle East

Before we go off to the main topic of this article — How to get an English Teaching Job in the Middle East, I think it’s important to know first the official countries that belong to this continent, and these are…

Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Jordan.

Bursting your bubble – not all countries in the Middle East are ideal to move in to and build your dream English teaching job. Syria and Iran, for example, have an issue of peace and order.

But then, you can never go wrong with countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and among others – not only are they giving quite a high salary, the cost of living in these countries is not so high. But it also depends on where in the country you live in. Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for example, have higher costs of living than Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah. Since the country is not so large, where you live is not such

What you need to know

Just like any other job, salary isn’t always the only thing you should consider in your job hunting. And because English teaching job is one of the most in-demand professions abroad, it’s very important that you consider these factors too. Factors that will make you live your ideal life as an English teacher in the Middle East.

Salary Offered

The salary offered to an English teacher in the Middle East is ranging from $2000 to $5000. Depending on your experiences and qualifications as well as the country and the type of school you’ll be teaching English in, your potential income is nevertheless more competitive compared to other countries.

Cost of Living

Cost of living is the amount of money that you need in order for you to survive your daily life in a certain country. It is knowing how expensive or how cheap it is to live in one country. And for middle eastern countries, I’ll describe it this way — It’s not so high, and not so low. Don’t worry, it’s totally livable, with a $2000 to $5000 salary potential, living a decent life as an English teacher in the middle is very much achievable.

Cultural Differences

Please remember this, although some countries here are already welcoming and embracing the western culture, you should remember that it is still an Arab/Islamic country, therefore, the cultural differences are very high, and one must always be sensitive, cautious and knowledgeable of their very basic laws. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait are stricter than the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.


If you love super summery weather, Middle Eastern countries are for you. Its hot and balmy weather is almost a year-long making it agreeable for locals and expats.


Your qualification will highly dictate your future in working as an English teacher in the Middle East. Just like any other job, fewer experiences and qualifications is equal to a not so high salary and the higher your qualification, the higher your pay of course. No pain, no glory as they say. If you want your pocket to be full, equip yourself with experiences and certifications.

How to start

Make yourself qualified. Earn a bachelors degree, acquire some teaching experience and upload your resume here on ESL land , then we take care of matching you with employers.

You also might want to equip yourself with experiences and certifications. Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar usually requires someone with TESOL/TEFL certificates or CELTA and DELTA.

Prepare your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume.

Make it perfect (if not almost perfect). Remember that your CV/resume is the first impression a manager, employer, recruiter has of you. Make sure it will stand out among others and contains the right information about you.

Start submitting/sending out your CV/resume.

Of course, what’s the use of your almost perfect resume if you keep it, submit it here. Send it out! There are a lot of job hunting sites for ESL teachers you can find around the web. Sites like ESL-Land, ESL Cafe and Teach Away. These sites not only provide you with the latest English teaching jobs abroad, but they also give information, tips, advice and guides on how to become a successful English teacher abroad. Go ahead, sign up and submit your resume.

Prepare for your interview

Claim it, my friend, claim it! Just be confident and know in your heart that an interview will soon follow  (cross fingers). And if that happens, you know what to do. You might want to read this article to help you in preparing for the English teaching job interview you’ve been waiting for. Here at ESL Land we even guide you through the interview process. We also train teachers according to employer requirements so that you can hit the ground running. Keep in mind, the employer has to be a part of our training network for us to offer you this service.

Final Remark

I hope that this article has taught you a lot about what you need to know about getting an English teaching job in the Middle East. Always remember that hard work always pays. If you’re serious about your dream of being an English teacher and travel the world, browse the job board right now and see where teaching English will take you.

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