Everything you need to know about teaching English in Qatar

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Everything you need to know about teaching English in Qatar

Qatar is one of those places many people forget. This article covers everything you need to know about teaching English in Qatar.

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Qatar has a population of about 1.5 million. It is rich in oil and culture. It is one of my favorite countries in the Middle East. But many people don’t know that the locals in competition with the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are very interested in learning English. And if you are one of those adventure seeking teachers like myself then, in this article is everything you need to know about teaching English in Qatar.

In the country, the majority of people are expatriates. Though it is seen as a small or mid-sized company, Qatar has many attractions and amenities such as malls and water parks. The country is also surrounded by water with many opportunities for engaging in numerous water activities.

teaching english qatar

The country’s temperatures vary throughout the year from warm to hot and ranges from 16 to 38 degrees. A majority of schools in Qatar start early. Start times of 6:30 to 7 AM are common in Qatar. The early day helps battle the afternoon heat. Teaching English in Qatar can offer the opportunity to gain valuable experience in teaching internationally.

The salaries offered to ex-pats in Qatar are also very high. Most of the students you’ll teach are multicultural groups of students with various abilities and salaries. Having to teach in Qatar offers teachers insights into the Middle East way of life-permitting teachers to have an experience of the traditional experience of Qatari hospitality, while also enjoying a mixture of old-world traditions and modern-day facilities.

Teaching English in Qatar

While Qatar is a country that doesn’t enjoy the flashiness that some of the other Middle East neighbors offer, it is a comfortable and safe destination to work and live in, with a lot of history and culture to enjoy yourself fully.

1. How to get hired as an English teacher in QATAR.
If you aren’t a fluent Arabic speaker, most of the English teaching job choices you’ll get will be in private schools, training institutions, and universities. Usually, salaries and working experiences vary from one school to another.

To ensure one gets reasonable offers, it is recommended that one uses forums such as LinkedIn and Facebook to research thoroughly on the offers in different schools. If one is in the country, it is best to visit the schools in person and know the specific terms. It is a common practice that schools in Qatar use recruitment agencies but that’s not always the case if you apply directly.

Volunteering also serves as an excellent way to view what schools look like daily and get to know if it’s comfortable working there. On should also Get to interact with the TEFL Qatar group and attend the many teaching conferences that the group hosts.

Even more that you need to know

It is a normal practice in Qatar that a majority of schools require that one has a recognized qualification and a teaching license. One can also get a job with an experience of teaching English and a TEFL certificate or a DELTA/CELTA certificate. A minimum of an undergraduate degree is required for an English teacher to be sponsored by a Qatari school.

camel racing
Camel racing event

2. Daily living cost
The capital city of Qatar, Doha, is expensive, and if one isn’t careful, the costs can add up. Although the salaries are high, many teachers leave without saving much because they party it all away. One can save a lot from the salary and still have fun, travel more and still be left with much to save.

A variety of foods are available from expensive foods to cheap ones. The majority of best experiences in Doha are free or low cost. They include sporting events and museums. Bars are a bit expensive, but in happy hours, promotions are offered, and it is easy to find low-cost foods, even in restaurants. Car travel is afforded, and taxis are widely available.
3. Accommodation
There are a variety of accommodation options. There are those schools that will offer apartments that are fully furnished, while others prefer offering support and allowance to aid in finding suitable accommodation.

Compared, the furnished apartments appear to be better, as they tend to be worthy than being offered an allowance that may fail to cover a right decently furnished house. Utilities such as gas, electricity, and water are included.
4. The Culture
Qatar is a predominantly Islamic country that has since traditional times been conservative. Nevertheless, people in the country are tolerant, and one can relatively live their normal western life well and enjoying most comforts.

To buy items such as bacon and alcohol, a license is required. It is beneficial for one to learn Qatari culture while living in the country. It, not a must that one knows Arabic, but learning it opens one to more opportunities. While in the country, one enjoys falcon hunting, camel races, and engaging in the Qatar National Day festivities.

5. Homesickness
Qatar is a friendly country and very accommodative, especially for English teachers. However, the first month before one gets used to the country‘s way of life, one may have some homesickness. There are many meetups involving like-minded expatriates and also multiple social events, engaging fellow teachers.

These meetups, and great food, help in managing any homesickness that one may experience in the first months. The majority of teachers have reported experiencing homesickness during their first days but ended up living in the country more than they would have expected.
lamb and rice
Generally speaking, Doha is a perfect place for an English teacher to practice their skills. Teachers there report loving the cities experience, the weather, good work-life, and good sceneries.

It has attractive selections for TEFL teachers, and most report that moving to Qatar to teach there is one of the best experiences they’ve ever made.

Let’s wrap it up

Teaching English in Qatar is an experience that any teacher would love. It is, however, essential to note that each person’s preference varies.

It is thus imprinted to do thorough research to ensure as you move in, you are well conversant with the institution you are going to teach in. As far as visas are concerned, one is expected to have their visa processed before leaving for their teaching destination.

To qualify to obtain the visa, a teacher is expected to pass an HIV, and physical test and, in many instances, be free of criminal cases as well as have good academic transcripts. Visa processing takes 1 to 3 months.
Have any questions about teaching in Qatar? Then leave a comment below

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