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What do you want to know to teach English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have if given a job. You will gain more than a job.

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I Ended Up Teaching in China

Met Mitch in Kotor, Montenegro and I spoke to him about what I do. I travel the world teaching English and he said, "no way, how can I do that?". Well, now he is in China doing the same. This is how it happened.
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This is a free to download directions given worksheet and other resources for students.

It can be taught in many different ways; however, I gave the students the included map and had them identify their location or where on the map they are. Then I gave them the functional language flashcards, we repeated and went over each directional vocabulary word and explored their meanings with examples.

Then the students had to then speak using the flashcard language to direct each other to different locations on the map.

Make sentences about directions.

The next part, the students then had to write the sentences they made using the worksheet that’s included. And the last activity is them doing a word search (also included) to finish the lesson. The word search is of different transportations that they can use to get from point A to point B. 

As an extension to the lesson, the students can color the map, have them all work in groups, then decided what is on the map, then come up as a group in front of the class the talk about what they did with the map. For higher level students this works quite well.

Download giving directions worksheets, map, sentences and word search along with the lesson plan.

Lesson plan
Flash cards
Word search


My students enjoyed this giving directions activity. If you want to be even more creative, blow the map up in an A3 paper and have students come up to the board to give directions. Or make the sentences and then talk about why they want to go to a particular place.

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What do you want to know to teach English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have if given a job. You will gain more than a job.
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