22 Interesting Facts About Saudi Arabia

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Fascinating facts about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a closed society for the most part. It’s hard to get in and sometimes hard to get out; especially for women. But a lot of things are changing, not getting easier but changing. The thing that keeps the change from taking on a full swing is probably the phrase In Sha Allah which translates, “God willing”. But that’s the least of facts about Saudi Arabia that makes it more interesting and fascinating.

It is a fantastic country in a lot of ways. Ways I would have never imagined before coming here. Not that I couldn’t have looked online and found a lot about Saudi but the experience would not have been the same. Not only that, it seems like in America, most of the news, as a lot of news is nowadays, is negative. And it’s not exception about our beloved oil rich friends.

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Regardless, these facts about Saudi Arabia are better learned here. The experience to live, learn and see just how kind and beautiful Saudi’s are cannot be consumed outside of this desert lan


22 Facts about Saudi Arabia that will surprise you

1. Saudi Arabia is about 90% desert.

2. Camels are fu**ing expensive; they sell for more than cars sometimes.

3. Women are not second-class citizens like some people might think.

4. They are just as large as Americans; and the sense of entitlement is about the same.

5. Bahrain is the Las Vegas of Saudi Arabia. A lot of what is haram – forbidden takes place there.

6. Venezuela has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia source.

7. A man can have up to four wives.

8. Marriage comes before love; and the woman must be a virgin before marriage otherwise the man has the right to refuse the marriage even on the wedding day.

9. There is very little crime.

10. The Government is ran by one family and thus does not collect tax.

11. Gas is cheaper than water and an average sedan can fill it’s tank on $5.

12. Most workers in the country are foreign; about 85%.

13. Almost everyone can communicate in English; even members of the desert tribe the Bedouins.

14. Annual water bill is about $15; one of the lowest in the world.

15. Dating is not allowed.

16. The Government pays its citizens to attend college or university in or outside of the country.

17. There is no such thing as a self-service gas station.

18. It’s all about who you know than what you know in Saudi Arabia. They call this wasta.

19. Security checks are very common within the country.

20. It’s the only country where women are not allowed to drive, but it’s not banned in Islamic law. It’s explained as keeping women from becoming whores.

21. Almost half of the population is under the age of 26.

22. Saudi offers its citizens universal healthcare.

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