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We need 5 Native Speakers at several of our schools in China. Great pay with accommodation at ESL Schools China

Job Type: Full Time  |  Location: China Description:

We have accumulated 10 years experience in interviewing and recruiting foreign teachers.
Therefore, we would be able to equip you with the proper skills and information to ace the interview and obtain a teaching position that caters to your expectations

Teacher Requirements

a) Dedicated teachers who have a passion in teaching kids and adolescents in China
b) Candidates from USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Central America, Europe & South America
c) Bachelors Degree minimum for all countries
d) Candidates from USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia and South Africa without a Bachelors Degree can be considered for schools in Jilin Province on a legal work visa)
e) A Clean and Clear Accent

Job Details
a) Teaching 3-12 year old kids or adults at a language school in China (training center)
b) Placements are available in most cities in China. (Nanjing,
Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Anshun, Chengdu. Xi’an, Taiyuan, Datong, Nanchang, Wuxi, Changchun, Zhengzhou and many more)
c) Start date: Teachers are required all year round.
d) Salary
Natives with Bachelors Degree: 15000 – 25000 RMB per month
Non-Natives(Europe & South America) with Bachelors Degree: 7000 – 12000 RMB per month
Natives without Bachelors Degree: 8000 – 13000 RMB per month (Positions in Jilin Province)
e) Class size: 8-12 kids per class
f) All teaching materials are provided.
g) Hours: 22-25 teaching hours + 15 office hours. (Generally)
h) Free Accommodation will be provided or reimbursed via an allowance
i) Flight Reimbursement/Flight Allowance
j) Legal Working visa provided upon successful employment (Z Visa)
k) Minimum Contract length: 1 year

Application Process

1) Contact ESLland Team
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +971 509115170
Do contact us 3 months before your intended ETA to China.
2) Prepare a self-introduction video. Freestyle and most importantly have fun😊
3) If selected, the first interview will be conducted to find out more about your city preferences, salary expectations. In addition, we will lay down the expectations of working in China.
4) If all is good from the first interview, we will then do up a profile for you and match them to the relevant schools.
5) The interested school will then conduct an interview with you directly.
6) Contract offered & Visa Processing!

Documents required for VISA processing
Passport Scan
Passport Photo
Authentication and Legalization of Bachelors Degree
Authentication and Legalization of Police Clearance
Health Check-up

We believe that the reason for these spate of incidents are due to mismatched expectations between the schools and teachers due to a lack of a structured interview process as well as cultural differences.
As a result, what we do differently is that we conduct a free interview for each candidate thoroughly (approximately 1 hour) to get the basic information like salary expectations, city preferred etc as well as laying down the expectations on being a competent teacher in China. We will also give suggestions specifically to the candidate on how to ace the interview with the schools. The candidate can clarify all their questions and doubts about coming to China too. Once the candidate agrees to proceed, we will then match him/her to an appropriate school.
On the other hand, we also educate schools on how to establish good relationships with the teachers and conflict management.
Our goal is to have our schools having suitable teachers and qualified teachers working in good schools that fit their requirements.

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