Making money online

Making money online as a teacher or anyone else if you know where to look

Top investing ideas for Teachers

1. Buy and sell stock and stock options
2. Lazy invest with index funds
3. Own partial real estate investing
4. Invest money in crypto currency
5. Peer to peer lending
6. Start a drop-shipping business
7. Launch a product on amazon

Learn more to make money like a pro

1. Take a sell photos online
2. Teach courses online
3. Have a side hustle on fiverr
4. Be a customer service agent from home
5. Graphic design and website making

20 jobs you can do online

Why choose from the opportunities below?

Because reputation is everything

Because as teachers we don't get paid enough. And because they work.

Writing Gigs

1. Start a blog
2. Be a online Writer
3. Offer your services
4. Write E-books
5. Creative writing stories

Investing & Saving

1. Open an interest account
2. Fundrise
3. Valueline investing
4. Covered call options
5. Precious metal

Affiliates & side gigs

1.Graphic Design
2. Host Websites
3. Make Websites
4. Become an affiliate
5. Sell on eBay

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