If you want to be a successful English Teacher, it starts with how to effectively manage a classroom

There should be a method in place for reward and punishment in order to keep order in your class. Because of that I share my system called The Super Duper System to help you do just that. However, there is another system I use that is quite an effective strategy to manage a classroom.

manage a classroom

I tested this system during the Winter camp session and the results were fantastic. I shortened it of course since Winter camp is only a month long or less. I call it… My Great Monthly System (great name huh?..)

A strategy to effectively manage a classroom

Ok, here is how I set it up.

You can implement it at any stage of your class but it might be more effective if you start with it at the beginning of the year so the students know and get accustomed to it. Kids like structure.


Ladies and gentlemen

I walked into the class and immediately summoned 4 students to come to the front of the class. This got them to shut up and stop talking because after the students came up we stood there and watched the ones still talking. Then I told them to sit down.

Then I continued to explain the system.

    1. I counted 28 students in the class. Yeah I know it sucks having so many in one class but perfect for this system.
    2. I grouped them in fours and told them they had 2 minutes to come up with a team name. They did.
    3. Then I told them this would be their team for this month.
    4. But they have the option of changing teams; however, they can only do that at the end of the month and subject to the receiving team’s captain or a majority vote.
    5. All class activities will be competitive.

I am using their competitive nature as a way to keep the class focused and alert. How’s that to manage a classroom, great isn’t it?

At the end of each month, the team with the most points will earn a surprise gift from me.

I have written about reward ideas on this article if you need.

And that’s it.


Kids like to compete and Korean kids even more so. If you put them against each other in a positive way you will see a major difference not just in how they act in class but in their progress as well.

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You can modify this anyway you like. I only ask that you repost the revised version back here for other Teachers to use.

What do you think about this system?