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What are TEFL interview questions and how do I answer them?

It is important to know how to answer these TEFL interview questions if you want to guarantee getting the job that you want.

How to make a strong case for yourself at a job interview

There are a lot of things to think about when going for a job interview. But overthinking shouldn't stop if you follow these tips.

Find ESL teaching and remote work opportunities from around the world
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21 Websites to find high paying TEFL jobs you didn’t know about

Today ESL Lessons are on-demand more than ever. This being the case, there are a variety of websites hiring online English teachers. However, teachers...

Smart strategies for managing a disruptive classroom

Teaching can be tough. But it is also very rewarding and having the smart strategies for managing a classroom makes all the difference.

Magic Ears: The complete and unabashed guide

A quick search around any ESL online teaching forums and communities, one gets to witness specific names of English teaching companies pop up a...

7 reading comprehension strategies you must teach your students

For students to succeed in learning English they must know how to use these essential reading strategies for learning and reading faster.


Passive Voice Chart Worksheet

This Passive Voice Chart Worksheet is a useful material for teaching Passive voice or active voice in English. It's also a valuable material for...

Verb To Be Worksheet

This Verb To Be worksheet is a valuable for teaching BE (auxiliary verb) in English, and is excellent for developing your students' Writing skills. Auxiliary...

Active Vs Passive Grammar Guides Worksheet

active versus passive voice

Personal Pronouns Worksheet

An excellent personal pronouns worksheet

Negative Sentences Worksheet – Likes/Dislikes

This Negative Sentences Worksheet is a useful material that focuses on the topic of Hobbies. It's great for consolidating Negatives (negation, saying No) in...

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Books by ESL Tate

First Time In Korea

The hilarious E-book and novella about the life of an ESL Teacher in South Korea. A small town, not many English speakers and the events that followed are shared in this book.

Make $$ Teaching English Online

Coming soon - July 30th. Pre-order now

Printable worksheets

Complete list of irregular verbs with pictures, pronunciation and exmaples

A lot of students are confused by irregular verbs because they do not follow an understandable pattern. In this complete list of irregular verbs with pictures, pronunciation, and examples, we do our best to explain them to students.

Shapes: Listening and Speaking

This shapes listening and speaking worksheet is very useful for beginners to practice the given topic. You can ask your students to write the...

Action Verbs Worksheet – Vocabulary Matching

Worksheet that focuses on action words

Wordsearch: School Vocabulary Worksheet

A nice Wordsearch School Vocabulary Worksheet with activity focused on the topic and words of School. A useful material that will strengthen your students'...

Starters & classroom riddles

Animal Riddles Worksheet

Beginner level animal riddles worksheet

8 what’s that word for elementary level students warm up

Many of you who have been following me know about this compound words vocabulary builder and class starter activity that I do with my...

Helpful ESL Activity: 19 Alphabet Riddles For Your Students

Riddles are a good way to get a class started and get students engaged. They are funny and also get students thinking before getting into the meat of the lesson.

32 Fun Idioms and Sayings you can Teach your Students

Teach your students these fun idioms and expressions and keep your class going.  You want to expand their minds, stimulate their brain, massage their noggin...

Tips and advice

How to make a strong case for yourself at a job interview

There are a lot of things to think about when going for a job interview. But overthinking shouldn't stop if you follow these tips.

How to Become an ESL Teacher Abroad Even If You’re a Non-native English Speaker

Do you dream of working abroad as an ESL teacher but you're hesitant because you're a non-native English speaker? If yes, and you're wondering if...

An English Teacher’s Salary – 10 Countries That Pay The Most

MONEY is an important part of all jobs. It's a necessity and therefore one of the reasons why we work. For those who aspire...

20 Common ESL Teacher Interview Questions

If you are aspiring to become an ESL teacher, one of the best ways to last that first impression and land that dream ESL job...

10 Exercises you can do at home to spark your teacher brain

Being a teacher is tough but what's worse, teachers often neglect themselves. Stop it. Get yourself back with these teacher brain activities.

5 Amazing relaxation tips for the busy teacher to try right now

It requires a lot of mental and physical effort teaching english online. Try our 5 amazing tips for the busy teacher to relax. 

Coping in remote and distance learning

In this podcast, I talk about how to cope in remote and distance learning environment; staying active and doing your best under the situation

Excuses That Shouldn’t Stop You From Traveling

Traveling is a great way to grow as an individual and enjoy yourself. Don't make these excuses most people make.

Where To Find Discounted Flights

It's important to save money when traveling and one of the ways to do that is to know where to find cheap flights. If you...

What are the best webcams for teaching English online?

In this article we take a look at the best webcams for teaching English online. You want your students to see things as if they were there.

How to use Padlet to make your lessons standout

In this tutorial, I discuss how to use Padlet to make your distance learning lessons standout.

50 tools for teaching English online

Teaching online is the new norm. The right resources make it fun for students and teachers, try these 50 tool for teaching English online.

6 very useful commands in Microsoft Teams

In this video, I show you 6 useful commands in Microsoft teams that will make your life easier as a teacher on the platform.

Take your career to a higher path

Teaching is hard, but we can relate. Having the tools that help you even a little bit goes a long way. So here you go teacher.