present continuous video lesson Mr Bean

Students love Mr. Bean. He is funny, quirky and makes for a good laugh. If used correctly, video lessons such as Mr. Bean, are great for teaching students different parts of speech. And the great thing about this present continuous video lesson on Mr.Bean, is that it pauses so that student have time to think and write down their sentences.

How I taught this video lesson Mr Bean

Like my previous lesson on present continuous I had a student who understood the concept well demonstrate for review to the other students. I guided him to get the point across properly without confusing the students who didn’t quite get. Then I said this is a video review for that lesson. See the preview of the worksheet below.

Other suggestions
Create a word search with the main key words from the worksheet.
Make a short power point of just images of the words and then have the students match the images with the correct word.

Present continuous video lesson Mr. Bean worksheet preview


The video that accompanies this worksheet is below:

Makes a short review before moving on to the next concept.

Download Present continuous video lesson Mr. Bean worksheet

Mr. Bean worksheet