Steps to renew your visa and Emirates ID in UAE

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renew visa and Emirates ID

There are several steps involved in renewing a United Arab Emirates visa. The entire process can take up to 10 days but it can be less if done correctly. So let’s get started.

Before anything can be done, there are several things needed.
1. Passport size photos
2. Passport with visa page
3. 1300 AED in cash
Take these three items to any Preventive medicine center. There is one is every emirate. Locations provided in the PDF at the end of the article.

First things first

The first thing to do is go to the health and fitness clinic recommended by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.The passport information and visa page is essential. Make a copy of the visa page and passport information page along with your emirates ID. Then take the copies along with the originals documents to the ministry of health recommended clinics.


At the clinic, they will type up your documents in Arabic and English. They will request a payment of about 650AED in cash. Some of the places take card as well but check before hand.They will attach one of the passport photos to the documents for the next step. The documents should include Emirates ID renewal form and and visa renewal form.Collect the documents they have typed and you are set to go to the clinic department. It’s usually another section of the building as it is in Sharjah. Get the blood test done. That’s it for the first day.

What to do with the results

It takes about 24 hours to get the results for the blood test. An email arrives with a link to the results. Print out the results.Now, take the results along with all the documents and receipts you have gotten up to this point and all the above mentioned documents to the ministry office. For Teachers and other government workers, it is at the ministry of education office in Al Quasais or Al Nada.

Drop off and wait

Take all the forms, print outs, original passport, passport photo and about 550AED to the ministry office. It is the personnel affairs on the first floor.Give the documents to them and that is it. They contact you within 2-3 days for the visa and about a week for the Emirates ID.And that’s it. For more information and FAQ, see this PDF:

How to Renew Residence Visa and Emirates ID
Have you gone through the process of renewing your visa in UAE? What was it like for you? Comment below.

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