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More than 50% of people don’t know how to invest in the stock market. That’s 2 out of every 4 people. A lot of them don’t even try because of fear. Well, that fear is convoluted. I started this stock market coaching academy for two reasons: (1) to take away the overwhelm and stress in building your portfolio and (2) to ensure that you’re making money as you are investing with me.

This guide is for the individual who doesn’t know how to begin investing in the stock market, who wants someone to hold their hand every step of the way, wants to make money and live a better life and their friends to say, “Wow! This program is really working for you!”

You get easy-to-follow, time-saving steps, instructions directly from me. You get writing tutorials, video chatting if you live elsewhere, constructive advice to get it done right the first time and peace of mind knowing that I am investing in the same stocks or options. My strategies become yours.

“If I would have had this information 10 to 12 years ago, it would have saved me tens of thousands. I would have reached my market in a much clearer way.” ~ Kate Harrison

I am ready now, let’s start

from the basics to a pro in no time….” “Tate, I just wanted to thank you helping me invest in my future. There is no comprehensive coaching program like yours out there. I know close to nothing about the stock market, now I comfortably make my own winning trades.” ~ Yvonne Campbell

What can you expect


The perfect program for novice and intermediate traders and investors who want to:

* Earn More Investing
* Pick The Right Stocks
* Stock Profit Strategies
* Covered Calls
* Mindset Training
* Use my sound investing method
* Investing Rules

Program Includes:

-10 Hours Coaching
-Brokerage Account Setup Guidance
-Portfolio Setup & Organization
-Stock Picks For Duration of coaching
-Weekly and monthly trades
-Access to my stock picks
-Options strategies

Not sure what to invest in? I show you how to diversify, different strategies for each personality. Authentic and styled for you, hands on, hands off traders who want to sit back – no problem! ”

Ok, let’s do it

I know each individual learns differently and not everyone is an aggressive investor. That’s why I teach different strategies based on the goals on the individual client.

Not everyone has experience, some are absolutely beginners in the market and some have tried and stopped. It doesn’t matter, there is room in the stock market for you to make money.

I work at your pace. You learn on your own terms and I make myself accessible to you.

I provide the how tos and the strategies that have worked for me over the years. You execute and make money.

It’s a step by step process. What can I expect from this stock market coaching program?

  1. Mindset coaching and preparation
  2. Stock basics and pertinent information
  3. Reading charts
  4. Brokerage account and trading platform setup
  5. Creating assets and diminishing liabilities
  6. Picking the right stocks
  7. Resources and doing research
  8. Goal assessment & success planning

…and even more. Asset classes and creating them
10. Dividends and reinvesting
11. Options basics and how to use them
What are clients saying?” I was amazed at how much I didn’t know and how this lack of knowledge was keeping me from making the kind of money I should have been making. Thank you Tate for opening my eyes, now I am getting much better returns on my portfolio.I was a beginner and I had no idea how to even buy a stock let alone options. After my training sessions, I feel much more confident, have my brokerage account and mirroring Tate’s holdings until I get comfortable picking stocks on my own. Great program.
This program promised a lot and I didn’t expect to get more but I did. Tate absolutely over delivers on his promise to get you buying and selling stocks and making some nice gains. I am very satisfied.At first I was skeptical and nervous about joining but I am glad I did. I wasn’t sure how the sessions would go but the energy and knowledge Tate brings to our weekly skype discussions are priceless. I would have paid a lot more knowing what I am getting now. Thanks Tate.I am so glad I joined this program. I am making 5% more than I was making before thanks to the strategies I learned from the academy. I highly recommend it.I have taken other courses before to improve my trading and grow my portfolio. This one before is the best one and I especially like that Tate is so open and transparent. I know when is he buying and why. It’s great. It’s like having your personal mentor there all the time to help you. Love it.

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Option I full coaching! $1,499

Savings 30% or $450 NOW ONLY $1,050

  • 10 hours of coaching & market training
  • Trader mindset trading & goals training
  • Brokerage account opening and structuring
  • Portfolio building
  • Reading list
  • Access to my portfolio and guidance in building one
  • Special access to investment opportunities
  • Joint Venture opportunities
  • Weekly/monthly options list for safe and quick
  • Guide to buying stocks at a discount

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