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Classroom Management: 10 things you should never do in class

You want your classroom management to be impeccable if you want your students to learn and learn well.

How to Throw a Teacher Tantrum

Temper tantrum not only happens in toddlers but in teachers too. It’s called teacher tantrum. The school guidelines are plain and simple with little to no room for misinterpretation. Well, other than the fact that they are only written on the website. They are not posted anywhere else, not even in the classroom where they would be more effective. Nonetheless, they are straight to the point. – No electronic devices while the Teacher is teaching. They are to be placed inside a box in the back of the classroom. – Sleeping is not permitted – Bow/greet the Teacher when he/she enters the classroom – Be respectful at all times to your Teachers Plain and simple right? Let me get an amen – and the congregation says in uni-some – a-m-e-n. Preach on It would ...