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Writing course

Improve your writing with a dedicated tutor: proofing, editing, feedback

Listening course

Listening course with real life examples and 1 on 1 guidance

Speaking course

Improve your speaking pronunciation and idioms with a dedicated tutor

Advanced course

Have it all in one place with this advance course that includes all areas of language

Teaching resources

Theory and method

Theoretical and practical issues with the English language

Teaching young learners

Ideas and tips for teaching young learners

Teaching business English

Articles with methodology on teaching business English

Lesson plans and classroom ideas

Lesson plans, tips and ideas for a great class

Classroom management

Best classroom practices

Motivating and inspiring students

Tips and ideas on motivating students

Organizers, planners free and premium

Daily, weekly and monthly planners

Time management and to-do for teachers

Report cards, student reports

student trackers, progress checks and downloadable reports

Classroom management excel sheets and more

sheets to aid in classroom management and staying organized

Student vocabulary builder journal

Chocolate sauce, salted caramel gelato & caramelised popcorn

Personalized planner and to-do list

Beautiful personalized to-do task

From the blog

Future Tenses Worksheet – Will vs Be Going To

Future tense worksheet

Personal Pronouns Worksheet

An excellent personal pronouns worksheet

Countable Uncountable Worksheet – Pictionary

A beginner worksheet for countable and uncountable