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This Verb To Be worksheet is a valuable for teaching BE (auxiliary verb) in English, and is excellent for developing your students’ Writing skills.

Auxiliary verbs are known as helping verbs. They are accompanied with a main verb to show a verb’s tenses (past, present and future tense), as well as to express moods, voices and or to form a positive or negative question.  Below are examples of auxiliary verbs.

  1. Does Ana write all his own articles?
  2. The managers haven’t written all the reports yet.
  3. Elsa is writing a letter to a client at the moment.
  4. Can you speak English?
  5. Do you want tea?

Three of the most common auxiliary verbs are be, do and have. This worksheet focuses on the helping verb ‘be’.

How Verb To be Worksheet is done:

It’s a 17-item exercise wherein students fill in the Verb to Be in the Positive / Negative form (in the PRESENT tense). another rule is that student should pay attention to Subject-Verb agreement as well as the countable and uncountable nouns to keep track of the grammar.

Recommended for:

The present printable, downloadable handout is intended for elementary school students at Beginner (pre-A1) and Elementary (A1) level.

Preview the worksheet:


Download the worksheet:

In word format: Editable if you want to add to it.

In PDF format

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