A good warm-up activity for English class can be the difference between a good class and a bad class.

Everyone knows that first impressions are hard to break. The same goes for your class.

How you begin your class sets the tone for the rest of the lesson. If you walk in and start yelling at students right away it not only puts you in a bad mood but the students as well. Not good to start the class right?

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You might want to do this instead –  walk in and stand at the Teacher’s area and be quiet.

warm-up activity for english class

I often have to do this because my kids, especially the boys, are very rowdy. Then when I am quiet, a few students notice, and when they do, slowly the others do too and so on and so on. This doesn’t work sometimes so I pick one student who is already quiet and tell him to tell the class to be quiet.

I then add a touch to his command when they are quiet by saying, it’s my(replace my with your name) time. They feel guilty so they are very obedient right away.

But if your class sits down, greets you and are quiet, it means you are a lucky son of a gun, then you can go right into the warm-up activity.

Picture Code – A must-try warm-up activity for English class

This is a great one because it deals with sentences, unlike the previous one I posted here which is meant for vocabulary building. So download it below.

Remember you can change the pictures or phrases to suit whatever lesson you are teaching.


  1. Picture Code Game Part 1 and 2: One of the best warm-up activity for English class!  Picture Code Game Part 1 and 2