What are TEFL interview questions and how do I answer them?

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Preparing for an interview is not a simple task. One gets to encounter nervous moments as questions go through one’s mind from questions such as; what’s the best clothing to put on? To what will I be asked? TEFL interviews, whether for in-person or online teaching jobs, can prove scary, especially because the interviews are usually done remotely via Skype or zoom and because one may be new to teaching. With that in mind, you want to know what TEFL interview questions are the most common and how to answer them.

One of the key factors that help as far as interviews are concerned is preparation. The best preparation one can make is to have some hint on the common questions that might be asked in the interview. This article covers these common questions making sure that one is almost assured of the job.

There are also some basic characteristics that one should possess to ensure that they have confidence while answering the questions. The article first covers these characteristics and then goes ahead to point out the questions. The characteristics include;

A friendly outlook and smile

Having a sincere smile helps in making a great first impression and assures of professionalism and self-assurance. It not only shows a sense of affability but also shows confidence and accessibility.

By basically having a genuine and warm smile, the interview team is persuaded that one isn’t afraid of the questions posed.

Positive vibes and good energy

Normally, we rely on our instinct to help us understand the individuals that we are meeting, especially for the first time. Good energy is very beneficial and helpful while it comes to handing TEFL interview questions. It involves having the energy that helps show the interviewer that you know the answer, and also believe in what you say.

Relaxed persona and body language

While knowing the questions and how to answer them is important, the body language also speaks to the panel. It is thus important that one has the right body language.

Some of the rhetorical questions that may be going through an interviewer’s head include whether the interviewee is open and relaxed or whether they unconsciously fold their arms over their chest?

Is the person composed? An interviewee should always be confident to ensure that their body language shows a relaxed and composed candidate.
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After a candidate has worked on these important nonverbal cues, one should then equip themselves with the common questions that they are likely to be asked as TEFL candidates.

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

The panel asks this question intending to get a general idea of what one is and what they do in life. It’s also a way of creating an emotional connection with the interviewer.

For instance, some TFL candidates may have spent their childhood in many countries, while others may have never left their country. One should give a good history of how they grew up and the schools they attended without getting too personal.

  1. Why do you want to teach English?

This is a common TEFL question. Thus, TEFL interviewees need to know what the panel is looking for and have the specific answer that will set them apart from the other candidates. You may give answers such as you love working with children while giving certain experiences which prove your points.

For example, you can provide instances wherein a past work experience with children you helped them achieve certain accomplishments.

  1. What was your favorite subject in School?

TEFL interviewers always want to hear what one’s favorite subjects while in School was. It seems quite obvious that one should answer English. The truth, however, is that it doesn’t matter which subject you consider most favorite.

If you got interested in learning new things and you are passionate about it, ensure to have a way of making sure the interviewer gets to recognize your passion.

  1. Tell me about some experiences you had as an English teacher.

This is a question that the panel asks to understand one as a teacher better. One should seek to breathe their resume to life and be more particular of their academic history and work.

Show the panel if you got some experience as a teacher, whether in the traditional classroom or online. This is the chance to make the moments known, concentrate more on those instants that stand out, and, most importantly, show your skills as a proficient teacher.

  1. What activities do you engage in during your free time?

This is a TEFL interview question in which the panel seeks to discover what sets you apart from the other candidates and know you as a person.

Some of the answers that may help set you apart include; you may say that you volunteer to offer free online classes to vulnerable groups, you can say that you stay home and read some books that help refine your skills and lastly one may also add that they have some time out with friends during weekends.

  1. What do you hope to gain from teaching English?

It is imperative for one to give an answer that will positively impact the School or company that you are being interviewed to work for.

While you might be pleased with traveling the world, don’t give this as your answer. Please answer the question by showing the panel that you are interested in making a difference in their students’ lives.

You can give answers such as; I want to ensure that my students widen their opportunities by learning English, which will help them excel not only in School but also in their careers.

  1. Do you have any questions for us?

It is prudent that you come prepared with your set of questions, which you’ve searched concerning the company or School you are being interviewed to join as a TEFL teacher.

This helps show the Panel that you are interested in the company. You can ask some questions on the teaching schedule such questions will demonstrate to the panel that you’re interested in the job.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you may have always wanted a TEFL job but have feared how the interview may look. You need not worry as with this article, the commonly asked TEFL interview questions have been covered, thus increasing one chance of getting the job.

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