What do you want to know to teach English in Japan

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What do you want to know to teach English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is one of the most beautiful experiences you will have if given a job. You will gain more than a job.
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Japan is one of the most prevalent destinations for teaching abroad English programs. It doesn’t take much time to figure out why; Japanese culture exudes elegance and gentleness along with a creative story.

From Pokémon to anime, to robots to Shinto shrines to geishas, Japanese culture has always been a force to reckon with in the west. For teachers, however, Japan offers even more.

Aso shrine japanJapan is a country of wonder, entertainment, great food and a sense of humanity and politeness that’s almost divine. It’s like visiting another world altogether.

Although the cost of living is something to reckon with, the life quality is higher than in most places around the world. This is the reason why Japan has the world oldest living people because they care to live well. So if you have the chance and a job offer to teach English in Japan, take it. But there are a few requirements,

Requirements for teaching in Japan

To teach English in Japan, one has to be a native English speaker from Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, the UK, or South Africa, and have a bachelor’s degree. This is necessary for visa purposes. But teaching children online in Japan, different story.

One will also be required to complete a 120-hour CELTA or TEFL certificate. Teaching experience is a plus, but for higher-paying jobs, there is a little bit of competition, and experience will be beneficial. Below are the top 8 English programs in Japan.

The JET programs 

Just a click at Google will present page after page exalting the JET program. JET stands for Japan Exchange and teaching program.

They are a perfect answer to anyone who wants to teach English in Japan. They hire English speaking graduates globally to teach and live in Japan. It’s a mix of public and private schools and one of the best as far as pay is concerned.

Its benefits include competitive salary of about 3.36 million yen, housing allocations, and magical flight reimbursements, among others.

If you work as an Assistant Language Teacher, one is responsible for offering help in the classroom and is a benefit for new teachers who might be a bit tense to face the class for the first time.

Positions are present throughout Japan, and contract details depend on the school that a teacher ends up in.

The main requirements that the Jet program needs include TEFL certification, a bachelor’s degree, have an interest in Japanese culture and be both physically and mentally healthy.

tokyo park


Interac is one of the major programs that recruit English as a second language teachers in Japan. The program is an excellent place for anyone asking themselves how they will teach English in Japan.

It hires throughout the year but mostly places teachers in fall and spring. Spring is, however, their major seasons, and thus might be the perfect time to send your resume. This program, too, has an Assistant Language Program, ensuring newbies that may feel anxious are catered for.

It is important to note that interac prefers that most of its candidates can drive. Also, most of its positions are in the rural areas.

The few positions available in the city are quite competitive and tend to be transferred after one has some teaching experience. For example, a teacher set to work in a city in Japan can teach with Interac a year or two in the countryside to achieve their metropolitan dream.

To teach through Interac, the minimum requirements include, one must be a native English teacher, have a bachelor’s degree, and have been educated English for a minimum of 12 years. It has an annual salary of about 2.4 to 2.7 million Yen.

As far as accommodation is concerned one is required to rent their own apartments and cater for their move-in cost which ranges from 250,000 to 300,000 yen. The visa application process needs that one submits various documents such as the graduation certificate, photos and a resume.

fukushima japan


jobs at westgate
Westgate is best suited for experienced English as a second language teachers with a bachelor’s degree. It is also a perfect choice for those wanting to teach English at the university level in Japan.

Since universities offer good terms as far as salary and other benefits are concerned, one can thus be assured of an impressive salary. In addition to this, teachers are offered a fully developed curriculum.

This is in stark comparison to a variety of university programs in other countries where one is left with little or no guidance.

With Westgate, prospective teachers are offered a 3 to 5-month contract, ensuring they have a taste before committing to Japan for the long haul.

The program mostly emphasizes an ESL certification with 1000 ESL classroom hours with some experience in teaching. This program also hires elementary school English teachers on a 4 to 7 months contract terms.

Basic Westgate requirements include an ESL certificate, a bachelor’s degree, and 1,000 ESL teaching hours.

Westgate pay varies according to the number of hours that one has taught and starts from ¥260,000 per month for those with less than 499 hours and ¥275,000 per month if one has over 500 hours.

It offers medical insurance, compensation insurance and offers instructors accommodation with basic furnishings one is required to have a visa. One can apply at Westgate job portal.

Nova japan

Nova Japan is one of the best  English schools offering a variety of opportunities for Japanese ESL teachers and is considered as an English learner one-stop-shop.

From traditional classroom-based learning to one on one conversations, the program offers a variety of learning approaches in its over 250 branches, and one can end up teaching anywhere.

Nova Japan’s basic requirements include, one must have a bachelor’s degree, no teaching experience is needed, and one must be a native English speaker. Its pay range is enough to comfortably suit a normal lifestyle in Japan and is approximately Y250, 000 a month.

For overseas applicants, Nova japan arranges accommodation in a sub-leased apartment and also sponsor their visa application process.

japan river

JIEC Japan

JIEC Japan specializes in teaching English to Japanese kindergartens. However, positions are also available at other levels. They post jobs and mostly search for English as a second language teacher with a minimum of two years’ experience and with at least a degree.

It also offers various benefits, including settlement benefits, accommodation, and a competitive salary. They have private kindergartens and thus hours can vary to include both weekdays and weekends evening.

The basic requirements of JIEC Japan are, one must have a bachelor’s degree, and two years of ESL teaching experience.

JIEC covers its instructors accommodation in a settlement bonus included in its competitive salary. One is required to apply for a Visa through the Japan immigration department where one fills certain forms.

The Horizon international school
The horizon international school is one of the top international schools in Japan and specializes in teaching multicultural Japanese children ranging from Preschool to kindergarten level.

Teaching English in this school offers various benefits, including transport, personal development, medical, and housing allowance.

The minimum qualifications to teach at Horizon international school are; one must be fluent in English, have at least 2 years’ experience in teaching international education, be conversant in working in a multicultural experience, and be experienced in implementing and planning after school activities.

Horizon international school offers a monthly salary of about $2250, and offers instructors housing with basic furnishings, the visa is also applied through the immigration department.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, for anyone who might be worried about teaching English in Japan, there is no need to worry much as this article has covered the programs that will help the vision become a reality.

English teaching in Japanese schools is usually in high demand as students are keen to learn English. There are opportunities both in public and private schools, check out one of the above and try out and you could have your dream come true.

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